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is a tried and tested way of freeing ourselves of unhelpful postural and mental habits so that we can become more energised, more graceful and coordinated in our movement and live happier more active lives.

is an ancient body of Chinese wisdom to enable a happy and healthy energised individual in balance with the earth and the universe.


Duncan is a fully qualified (STAT) and experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique completing his 3 year full time training in 2013. He teaches individuals, weekly groups and retreats.
In the last 10 years Duncan’s dormant interest in Taoism was re-ignited when he came across Grand Master Mantak Chia. Having undergone extensive training with Master Chia and Senior Instructors Duncan qualified in 2022 as an Instructor (UHT) certified to teach the Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds, the Microcosmic Orbit, Qigong, Healing Love, and Iron Shirt Chi Gung.
The Iron Shirt has a lot to do with structure and complements the Alexander Technique perfectly. The better your structure, postural integration and coordination (natural movement), the more your energy will flow. This can be channeled to internal healing and regeneration. The performance of external activities will then also be enhanced.
In a one-to-one session with Duncan you will invariably experience feeling taller, lighter, more energised, open and expansive. You will also have the opportunity to explore unhelpful habits and patterns and be given individually tailored exercises to move forward. For a taster session please contact me.
As well as one to one sessions Duncan also offers small bespoke retreats and weekly Qigong classes. It is also possible to rent Shore Cottage (link) and book Duncan for individual and/or small group sessions.

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