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Come and join me in my beautiful AT/Yoga studio overlooking the loch.

We can share our enthusiasm for freeing ourselves of unhelpful habits and patterns so that our energy can flow and strengthen our immune system and give us good health and coordination.

Duncan is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique and an Associate Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao.

is a tried and tested way of freeing ourselves of unhelpful postural and mental habits so that we can become more energised, more graceful and coordinated in our movement and live happier more active lives.

is an ancient body of Chinese wisdom to enable a happy and healthy energised individual in balance with the earth and the universe.

Where would I stay?

There are two bedrooms in the house (I stay in my wee bothy next door) and there are a multitude of other possibilities close by in the village including b n b, house rent, hotel, camping or glamping (click here )

What size could the group be?

My studio would accommodate a maximum of 7 participants including myself. The smaller the group the more the work can be tailored to suit individual needs within the group, and the more possibility for valuable hands-on experience.

What are the different types of focus for the group?

The focus of the group could be

  • Alexander colleagues, teachers and students with the aim of integrating the Technique with Taoism and other energy work.
  • Taoist practitioners wanting to know and experience more about Alexander Technique and how this can be used to free up the spine, restore the head neck balance and thus enable proper alignment and the optimum flow of energy.
  • Anybody else who wants to learn about Alexander Technique or Taoism and learn how to free up the mind and body, maybe to help
    -prevent injury and relieve pain especially in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and knees
    - strengthen the immune system
    - feel more energy
    -move with more grace, poise and ease
    - running (Duncan is a Certified ‘Art of Running’ Instructor)
    -improve performance in other physical sports and activities, playing musical instruments, singing, public speaking etc

  • Is it possible to have individual lessons?

    Yes. Please contact me to arrange. Even within group retreats there will be one to one lessons...these are invaluable to enable one to have the experience of lengthening and widening which may be difficult, initially, to achieve on ones own. Once experienced we know what is possible and what we are wanting. One to one lessons are useful also for working with ones own individual and unique habits and patterns.

    What is so special about the village of Shieldaig?

    Shieldaig is a the most beautiful picturesque village next to the sea overlooking an island which is the home to nesting sea eagles. The loch has otters, seals and a multitude of sea birds. Behind the village are stunning mountains with the famous Torridon Munro’s just 7 miles away. Shore cottage is at one end of the village with no road in front...just sheep nibbled grass then the sea. It is gets the sun all day and spectacular sunsets. Behind the house the Shieldaig peninsula offers walks, beaches and Faerie woods. The village has one shop, one cafe, one pub and one restaurant all within easy walking distance. Shieldaig is a working fishing village and seafood is a local speciality.
    To see photos of the area and other interesting local information please click here

    How do I find out if this is what I want? I want to know more about coming up to Shieldaig and how it might work for me?

    I offer a free initial consultation by telephone, Skype, Messenger or Zoom. Please contact me to arrange.

    Alexander Technique /Taoism lessons, courses and retreats in the western Highlands of Scotland.

    Balanced Body           Balanced Mind

    The Alexander Technique Can Help You

  • to heal your back or other physical discomfort
  • to regain freedom, poise, ease and elegance in movement and posture
  • to improve performance and prevent injury in music, sport, drama, singing
  • to enhance your public speaking and presentation skills
  • to change the conditions that stop you enjoying a happy and healthy life

  • The Art of Running

    Having undergone further specialised AT training and become an 'Art of Running' instructor I am able to help you

    * improve your running style
    * avoid injury
    * run further and faster
    * enjoy your running more

    A three session package is recommended. Video analysis is utilised to identify unhelpful habits and monitor progress over the 3 sessions. There will be general 'postural' work as well as specialised bespoke guidance to help you improve your particular running style.

    Please contact me for more information and booking and feel free to browse my website.

    One to one lessons take place in my beautiful loch-side home in Shieldaig and also, one day a week, in Dingwall. Short courses and retreats are currently on offer in Shieldaig.

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